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Watch: Seamlessly Jumping Through Multiple Worlds in the Virtual Worlds Museum. First Live Group Tour Planned for January!


Watch this sneak peak of the XR wing of the Virtual World Museum (a proud media sponsor to this blog)!  While I'm somewhat biased, it's pretty cool how team lead Julian Reyes is able to seamlessly jump through one virtual world to the next, with no loading screen or log-in page — even leaping through one virtual world while already in another one.

This is made possible with Arrival Space, the XR platform Julian is working with for this portion of the Virtual Worlds Museum, which aims to be something like an immersive Wikipedia site for the entire virtual world/metaverse ecosystem, past and present. 

A live group tour of this technology is being planned for January 11, and I hope you join us. Visit VirtualWorlds.Museum for more info, and consider contributing to the project's crowdfunder, which is now hosted directly on the site.  

By the way, here's the worlds we visit just in this one six minute tour:

Virtual World Museum Tour webXR Arrival Space

Arrival.Space (the "home" world)

Frame VR






Spatial IO

VR Land

Pretty amazing how many virtual world platforms are now in just the XR space alone! We are definitely in need of a single resource on the Internet to keep track of them all.


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