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VRChat Hiring Director of Product to Reach "The Next 10 Million Users"


VRChat job 10 million
VRChat the startup appointed Chandra Janakiraman as Chief Product Officer (a veteran of Meta and Zynga) late last year, and is currently hiring three Director of Product roles to work under him. The description for the Director of Product, Consumers role is intriguing:

The Director of Product, Consumers, is a highly strategic Senior IC role on the newly formed product management team at VRChat. This person will have full ownership of the end-to-end user experience on VRChat, which includes Social, Identity, Discovery, Trust & Safety, and the overall experience . This person will play a pivotal role in building the experiences that will help us reach the next 10 million users.

Emphasis mine! My book estimated the virtual world to have 5-10 million monthly active users, but I believe this is the first acknowledgement by the company (albeit indirect) that its user community is indeed that large.

In terms of virtual world/metaverse platforms launched relatively recently, this probably puts the world still behind Rec Room in terms of monthly active users. (10-12 million was my forecast in early 2023, though it's probably grown to around 15 million by now.)

Then again, Rec Room is fully available on consoles and smartphones, while VRChat's iPhone app is still not yet out. So I'd expect the latter to start growing the user base much more soon. I mean, that's what a Chief of Product Officer kinda does!


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