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Finland’s Vision for Metaverse Leadership by 2035


Finland announced its ambitious goal to set the pace as a global leader in the rapidly evolving Metaverse – a plan shown in their newly published strategy called ‘Metaverse Initiative by the Finnish Ecosystem: Virtual Potential into Real-World Impact’. This step makes Finland the first EU country to formulate a comprehensive national metaverse strategy, aligning it with other nations like China, Japan, the UK, and the UAE, who’ve already started their Metaverse explorations.

Rejecting the European Commission’s preference for ‘virtual worlds‘, Finland has chosen to refer to ‘metaverse’ in its blueprint. This strategy defines the Metaverse as immersive, often integrating elements from both the physical and digital worlds. Notably, it discusses the Metaverse’s ability to memorize users and their settings, interact with the real world, and its 3D spatial design.

Decoding the Metaverse: Finland’s Clear Choice

Patrick Grady, an editor at Metaverse EU, appreciates Finland’s stance on the term ‘Metaverse’. According to Grady, this term provides a clear framework for understanding this new immersive technology. In conjunction with this, the Finnish strategy stresses national values like international collaboration. It cleverly uses Finland’s geopolitical positioning to balance the various interests of global players. Finland hopes to hold a competitive edge with a solid existing base in extended reality, telecommunications, and other pivotal metaverse technologies like AI, fintech, gaming, and software applications.

Building a Green and Welcoming Metaverse Ecosystem

Looking ahead to 2035, Finland intends to generate over €30 billion per year from the flourishing Metaverse industry. This aligns perfectly with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing sustainability, well-being, and social unity. Finland aims to shape a dynamic, diverse metaverse ecosystem that prioritizes standardization, regulation, cybersecurity, and education to ensure inclusivity and widespread access.

Moreover, Finland’s Metaverse strategy highlights a firm commitment to protecting digital rights and ethics, placing premium importance on user privacy, security, and independence. The ‘Metaverse in Action Programs’ stresses the value of general public education about the Metaverse. Suggestions include providing access to community hubs and libraries and utilizing Finland’s robust educational infrastructure. The Metaverse is seen by many as a path to improve healthcare and enable remote work and as an instrument for enhancing collaborative robotics, AI initiatives, and other applications.


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