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Etherscan acquires Solana blockchain explorer Solscan


Etherscan has broadened its horizons in the blockchain scene with the recent acquisition of Solscan, a leading block explorer in the Solana ecosystem. 

This move marks a significant step towards making blockchain data more accessible to developers and users alike, information from the press release confirms.

Solscan, established in 2021, has grown to command a substantial user base of over three million monthly users. Its features, akin to those found on Etherscan, involve providing useful and comprehensive data on network addresses, tokens, and transactions.

The block explorer also provides data on APIs, dashboards, and NFT metadata. Solscan secured $4 million in its seed round in December 2021. The recent merger reflects Etherscan’s commitment to fortifying its position as a pivotal player in the blockchain data services domain.

Speaking on the recent development, Matthew Tan, the CEO and founder of Etherscan, emphasized the alignment of goals between the two teams. 

“The Solscan team has proven their expertise over the years by offering detailed insights and analytics. Their proficiency in making blockchain data accessible and user-friendly perfectly aligns with our mission at Etherscan.”

Matthew Tan, the CEO and founder of Etherscan said

Amid the acquisition, Etherscan is charting a course for the future, detailing essential goals in the wake of the recent purchase. These goals include a pledge to persist in executing its mission. This involves providing impartial and fair access to blockchain data. 

Additionally, Etherscan looks to enrich user experiences by integrating valuable features across various explorers. Simultaneously, the company sets its sights on elevating user support to new heights. The latest development comes a few months after the explorer integrated ChatGPT.

The press release concludes with a strong commitment to fostering the broader blockchain community’s growth and adoption. Etherscan expresses confidence that this new addition to its team will contribute significantly to the ecosystem.

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