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VRChat Reach 105,000+ Peak Concurrent Uses During New Years, Likely Fueled by New Quest 2/3 & Android App Users — Up from


VRChat NYE concurrency 2023

VRChat concurrency data via the VRChat Metrics site.

Well this is metaverse news starting the year with a pixealated bang: Peak concurrent users in VRChat during 2023's New Year's Eve (typically the platform's biggest day, usage wise), reached 105,991!

That's quite a leap from New Year's Eve in 2021, when peak CCU reached just under 90,000.

And an even greater leap from NYE 2020, when peak CCU was 40,000.

Along with counting down to the new year, this new concurrency record became part of the in-world festivities.

"News was spreading that they broke 6 digits and that the servers were down and that if you tried to teleport somewhere you'd get booted out," as a longtime VRChat player tells me. 

Much of this user growth is likely due to people who got Quest 2 and Quest 3 devices over the holidays.

Add to that, the new VRChat app for Android recently went open Beta free to play, and already has 100,000 downloads on Google Play.

Here's a look at the NYE action, including a classic menagerie of celebratory avatars, including a human-sized hotdog and a friendly dinosaur skeleton, watching the ball drop across the physical world:

It's too late to make a 2024 prediction now, but it's very likely VRChat's NYE in 2024 will bring in well over 150,000+. Maybe even 200,000, if the iOS mobile app comes out!

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