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Dogecoin, Chainlink, Meme Moguls have observers bullish


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Analyst Ali Martinez is keeping an eye on Dogecoin’s (DOGE) trajectory, while traders brace for Chainlink (LINK) and Meme Moguls (MGLS) to show significant movement in the crypto landscape.

Dogecoin to double its value?

Recently, Martinez outlined how Dogecoin faces a resistance level of $0.087 on the weekly chart. This level, indicated by the convergence of the 0.786 Fibonacci level alongside the 100-week and 200-week EMAs, is a formidable obstacle for Dogecoin. 

However, breaking through this resistance could pave the way for the Dogecoin price to reach $0.14. The prevailing sentiment surrounding Dogecoin appears bullish, with 24 technical indicators signaling positive trends. DOGE is currently trading above its 21 and 50-day EMAs, suggesting a favorable position for potential upward movement. 

Per expert Dogecoin price predictions, DOGE might climb to $0.0901 by the conclusion of 2023. This is a promising trajectory for the meme-based cryptocurrency.

Chainlink introduces new staking upgrade 

Chainlink recently rolled out a significant upgrade — Chainlink Staking v0.2. This upgraded version expands the staking pool size to 45M LINK tokens, enhancing the native staking mechanism. The revamped Chainlink Staking platform introduces various improvements, including increased flexibility for stakers and a dynamic rewards mechanism. 

This development has sparked positive momentum for the Chainlink price, increasing from $13.85 on Nov. 28 to $14.82 on Nov. 29. Chainlink has also marked 20 out of 30 (67%) green days in the last month, showcasing a favorable trend. 

With an 11.65% price volatility over the same period, analysts project a bullish Chainlink price prediction. They foresee a potential rise to $16.31 by the conclusion of 2023, reinforcing the positive outlook for the decentralized protocol.

Meme Moguls breaks presale records 

Meme Moguls is a project that aims to redefine the meme coin space by launching the first meme-driven stock exchange. On this platform, you can trade memes while competing with other traders. 

It has already made waves in its presale run, breaking records as it completed the Beta stage of its presale in just one week. Its interest is sky-high as it has already raised 250,000 USDT. Countless traders are flooding the presale to obtain the MGLS token before its value increases again.

MGLS now costs only $0.0021 – a rise of 10% from its starting price.

At the heart of Meme Moguls lies a vibrant community space that encourages interaction, learning, and sharing among traders. Beyond trading, the platform envisions various components, each contributing to a dynamic user experience:

  • Mogul Land: An immersive metaverse experience where you can join liquidity pools and mine tokens.
  • Moguls Casino: A gaming hub allowing users to engage in various casino activities using meme-based assets.
  • Meme Moguls Fantasy Trader: A platform where you can test your skills and showcase your trading prowess. 

Unlike Dogecoin and Chainlink, Meme Moguls boasts a lower market cap. This gives it a competitive edge as its value could surge faster since fewer new funds are needed. Because of this, experts state that MGLS will pump by 100 times before its presale finishes. While this may seem outlandish, the cryptobasic data shows SHIB has provided a 1.6M% ROI since its launch.

Those who purchase it now will capitalize on this growth and obtain a 30% deposit bonus on all deposits. 

Learn more about Meme Moguls (MGLS) on its official website, and X.

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