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The Differences Between Synthetix V2x and V3


Synthetix has evolved significantly with its transition from V2x to V3. This blog post will explore the fundamental differences between these two versions, highlighting how Synthetix V3 is set to revolutionize onchain derivatives with a liquidity layer.

The Differences Between Synthetix V2x and V3

Synthetix Evolution: From V2x to V3

Synthetix has evolved significantly with its transition from V2x to V3. This blog post will explore the fundamental differences between these two versions, highlighting how Synthetix V3 is set to revolutionize onchain derivatives with a liquidity layer that’ll empower DeFi developers with infrastructure and liquidity.

Synthetix V2x: The Foundation

Synthetix V2x, established in 2018, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of onchain derivatives and financial instruments within DeFi. Originally designed to facilitate synth-to-synth trading, it enabled the exchange of assets like sUSD for sBTC or sETH at a fixed fee. Over time, V2x has evolved, serving as a foundational layer upon which developers have built a range of financial products, including Perps, Options, and Structured Products.

However, V2x has its limitations due to the original design constraints:

  • Single Debt Pool: V2x operates with a unified debt pool, limiting risk management and diversification options for Liquidity Providers (aka stakers.)
  • SNX-Only Collateral: The system initially allowed only SNX as collateral, restricting the scalability of the platform and the variety of on-chain derivatives it could support.
  • Limited LP Control: Liquidity Providers had constrained flexibility, being able to contribute only to a single, governance-controlled debt pool, which limited their participation options.
  • Complex Multi-Chain Deployment: Integrating V2x across multiple networks posed significant challenges.

It’s important to note that while Synthetix is transitioning to V3, V2x will continue to play a significant role in the near term. V2x is expected to handle the majority of volume and activity from LPs and traders in the upcoming months as V3 gradually scales up with increased liquidity, LP participation, and other functionalities. This coexistence phase is crucial for a smooth transition and maintaining system robustness.

Synthetix V3: Advancements and Flexibility

V3 introduced significant improvements to the system and was rebuilt from the ground up to support a modular system to support DeFi derivative developers, traders, and liquidity providers with:

  • Collateral Agnostic System: It allows the use of any ERC-20 token with a supported oracle as collateral, broadening the spectrum of assets to collateralize the network.
  • Separation of Core Components: Detaching the core CDP system from liquidity pools and derivative markets allows for a streamlined developer & user experience.
  • More straightforward Integration: The platform is more user-friendly for integrators, lowering the hurdles to build on Synthetix.
  • Robust Developer Tooling: Enhanced tools like Cannon allow developers to test and configure without the complexities of rebuilding Synthetix or using intricate scripts.
  • Oracle Agnostic System: V3 is not confined to a specific oracle but instead employs an oracle manager system. This enables market developers to source from various onchain oracles.
  • Diverse LP Usage: Users have multiple interaction options – as borrowers, liquidity providers, or a combination of both. 
  • Support for Various Derivatives: V3 supports an array of onchain derivatives, fostering innovation in derivative creation.
  • Experimentation Flexibility: V3’s adaptable system allows governance to scale the platform more effectively, accommodating a broader range of traders and liquidity providers (LPs). This flexibility enables experimental initiatives, such as the Andromeda Release on Base. This experiment uses USDC as collateral for LPs and margin collateral for perpetual contracts. The aim is to observe how this impacts LP and trader engagement in a system that’s simpler to understand and has minimized risk.

Impact on Different Stakeholders

For Traders

  • Expanded Trading Options in Synthetix Ecosystem: A diverse range of onchain derivatives within Synthetix broadens trading opportunities, transforming the ecosystem into a comprehensive hub for traders seeking all their trading needs.
  • Enhanced Market Dynamics: Introducing new collateral types and oracles leads to more dynamic and efficient markets that traders can enjoy.
  • Reduced Complexity: Simplified system architecture makes it easier for traders to understand and interact with the protocol and integrators.

For Developers

  • Easier Protocol Integration: V3’s streamlined core components and improved tooling lower barriers to development on Synthetix.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The ability to use various oracles and collateral types opens up more possibilities for innovative onchain financial products.
  • Developer Tooling: Cannon and other dev tools reduce the need for extensive setup, allowing more focus on creative aspects of development.

For Liquidity Providers

  • Improved Risk Management: The diversified debt pool structure in V3 offers increased risk management and control for LPs.
  • Collateral Options: LPs can now choose from a broader range of assets to collateralize the market and provide liquidity to derivatives.
  • Expanded Options: Engage as a Liquidity Provider (LP), a borrower in the CDP protocol, or both. This dual role allows for a self-repaying loan against your collateral, pre-borrowing against future earned fees.

The journey to fully unleash Synthetix V3’s capabilities starts with the Andromeda Release. This initial phase, already underway, will soon see a gradual increase in open interest and liquidity limits, paving the way for a seamless integration of traders and integrators. Key decisions shaping Synthetix V3’s future, especially in establishing permissionless markets and pools, will be guided by the Spartan Council and Synthetix Governance.

The platform will continue to evolve as we progress towards a fully permissionless Synthetix V3. This evolution will include the approval of new collateral types, the creation of diverse markets and pools, and the flourishing of innovative derivatives. Governance will initially play a pivotal role, gradually transitioning the system towards increased autonomy. This phased approach will steer Synthetix V3 towards its ultimate goal: becoming a comprehensive liquidity layer that benefits developers, liquidity providers, and traders within the DeFi ecosystem.

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