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Square Enix Launch Chapter 1 of NFT Project Symbiogenesis


Final Fantasy developers Square Enix have officially launched their first NFT project Symbiogenesis, with Chapter 1 of the six-part “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment” series now available on PC, iOS and Android.

This follows the initial release of what will become a total of 10,000 character NFTs on November 27, with the remainder set to be unlocked as each Chapter of the story is released.

What is Symbiogenesis?

Symbiogenesis is Square Enix’s first foray into Web3. It tells the story of an adventure set across a series of floating continents, with collaborative gameplay in Discord being key to obtaining items that progress the plot. The actions of the playerbase are integral to the experience, with the first six Chapters set to culminate in a World Mission in which three players will decide where the project heads in future.

To enter Symbiogenesis, users must connect a MetaMask wallet and Discord account to the project website, with two-factor authentication enabled.

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