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Solana NFT market picks momentum, Rebel Satoshi prepares to launch


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Aside from Ethereum, Solana is a popular NFTs platform. NFTs also form part of the soon-to-be-launched Rebel Satoshi.

Solana NFTs trade volume exceed $5 billion

Over $5 billion of Solana NFTs have been traded according to CryptoSlam.

Solana had inconsistent trading activity in 2023, barely exceeding $40 million monthly for the year’s first half. Things picked up tremendously from October 2023, when the blockchain experienced multi-fold percentages each month. The blockchain has already witnessed over $239 million in sales this January 2024.

Solana offers ultra-low fees and fast transaction times.

In the broader scheme of things, NFTs have seen a resurgence that is beneficial for top crypto coins. Instead of the speculative market of 2021 with high-value assets, analysts believe NFTs will come in large, affordable quantities targeted at everyone.

In 2024, SOL has rallied to as high as $118.71.

Rebel Satoshi ready to launch DEX

Rebel Satoshi aims to rally against the modern financial status quo, redefining the narrative of only the elites hoarding the wealth.

It plans to fuel a crypto rebellion, putting decentralized finance to the forefront for fairer wealth transfer.

Rebel Satoshi is inspired by defiant figures like Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes, through whom they will instill a norm-challenging mindset in its community. The same collective will celebrate these and other rebellious role models in the Rebel Artefacts Vault.

Members should anticipate a treasure trove of an NFT marketplace featuring collectibles and 9,999 symbolic characters, namely Citizens, Warriors, Rebels, Monarchs, and Recusants. Users can also gain passive income in the Staking Hub. The token being staked here is RBLZ, which is also a necessary medium of exchange in the NFT Vault.

There’s more to owning RBLZ through perks exclusive to early adopters:

  • The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame, where members can have their best rebel-imagined memes publicly displayed for laughter in the community.
  • The Rebellion Secret Council is a space for insider updates, clandestine meetings, and the bestowing of governance power.

In the course of the presale, RBLZ prices rose by 140% from $0.010 in the first round to $0.024. 

Roughly 5% of the total 125 million RBLZ allocated remains, with the presale ending on Feb. 29, 2024. The ‘burn’ event is the first one expected after this point, where Rebel Satoshi will burn any unsold tokens, making RBLZ deflationary and symbolically honoring Guy Fawkes. 

The Rebel Satoshi Presale has now sold out with tokens available at the listing price of $0.025 from UniSwap

Rebel Satoshi also go live on CoinStore on March 4, 2024.

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