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Pudgy Penguins’ Ambitious NFT Licensing Tool ‘Overpass’


Changing the Game in IP Licensing

To utilize Pudgy Penguins’ Overpass, users must link their digital wallets via the Overpass website on Polygon. After establishing a connection, they gain access to qualified assets and can explore numerous opportunities.

The project showcases opportunities with potential royalties, where ‘Pudgy Rods’ increase earnings based on rarity. Users select proposals and assets, seal deals with a wallet signature, and the team then matches the best asset to each opportunity.

Despite currently being Pudgy-centric, it goes beyond the NFT brand, evolving into a vital tool for IP resolution and aiming to be the premier NFT IP licensing solution for both Web2 brands and NFT collections.

As such, this innovative initiative is set to redefine the future of IP licensing, blending creativity with opportunity in the digital landscape.

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