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Polygon Outshines Ethereum in Daily NFT Trades for First Time


The NFT activity of Polygon has witnessed substantial growth spurts in recent months, recently outshining Ethereum in 24-hour NFT transactions in a historic first. 

Evidence of the blockchain network’s successful NFT activity includes amplified NFT transactions, larger NFT trade tallies, and a significant accumulation in the preceding seven weeks. 

Prominent contributors to this burgeoning ecosystem are Polygon collectibles like Gas Hero Coupon NFTs, Collect Trump Cards, The Sandbox, and Genesis WildPass. Over the past month, these collections have yielded impressive results, thereby boosting Polygon’s NFT participation.

The NFT network flipped not only Ethereum but also Solana as a result, hitting a mighty total sales of $10,254,792 in just one day. 

Market Trends Affecting Polygon NFT Trades 

Not every trend showed favorable development during this phase. The downward trends were a plunge in the unique address graph and a decline in transaction numbers after reaching a summit on December 25, 2023. Nonetheless, these adverse trends were balanced by an upthrust in the market valuation of Polygon’s native token, $MATIC, escalating its market cap beyond $8 billion.

The differing trends in Polygon’s NFT environment highlight the intricate dynamics involved. Despite a reduction in the “Market Value to Realized Value” ratio and the weighted sentiment, the price of the $MATIC token has displayed an upward trajectory, and its high social volume denotes a cautiously upbeat expectation for future expansion.

Despite the contrasting market movements, the mood within the ecosystem remains optimistic regarding potential growth, considering the tightening rivalry in the crypto space and the advancement of Polygon as a key Layer-2 system in this swiftly evolving industry.

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