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Magic Eden Unleashes Trio of Transformative NFT Initiatives


Today, Magic Eden unveiled a trifecta of significant initiatives to enhance its NFT ecosystem: a new rewards program, open-source development, and global cross-chain wallet. 

Each new step highlights Magic Eden’s dedication to broadening the influence, accessibility, and advantages of NFTs — reinforcing its position as a leading secondary marketplace. 

The NFT ecosystem’s new enhanced rewards program is now live on the Solana blockchain!

Magic Eden NFT

Revamped Rewards Program

Magic Eden’s upgraded rewards program, now on the Solana blockchain, is set to expand its reach to encompass Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon networks.

As part of its mission, the platform strives to offer quests and advantages to its members, ultimately benefiting both collectors and creators who participate across diverse blockchains.

Open-Sourcing Tools

Recognizing the importance of decentralization for NFT adoption, it is open-sourcing its NFT protocols and contributing them to Non-Fungible DAO.

Non-Fungible DAO, powered by $NFT, is a community-owned organization with a mission to develop NFT commerce protocols.

Universal Cross-Chain Wallet

What’s more, Magic Eden’s cross-chain wallet — which has been in Beta testing since late 2023 and boasts over $1.9 billion in secondary trading volume — offers a compelling alternative to wallets such as MetaMask, Rainbow, Phantom, and xVerse. 

Designed for NFT collectors trading on multiple blockchains, the wallet enables swift cryptocurrency exchanges across Bitcoin, Solana, Ether, and Polygon. 

Through each transformative initiative, Magic Eden is actively shaping the NFT landscape, competing in the market, and contributing to the evolution and perks of digital assets on-chain. Stay tuned for more updates!


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