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Magic Eden debuts ‘Emmy’, a multi-chain wallet for streamlined NFT trading


NFT marketplace Magic Eden has launched its web3 wallet Emmy, featuring multichain compatibility for improved utility.

The new wallet broadens the scope of compatibility, functioning seamlessly with Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon, and Ethereum, and is tailored specifically for users active in the NFT marketplace and those engaged in cross-chain collecting.

In its official announcement on Jan. 29, Magic Eden conveyed its enthusiasm about the wallet’s public release, underscoring its potential to transform the NFT industry for both collectors and traders. The need for a “singular, unified wallet,” as identified by Magic Eden, led to the collaboration with the Exodus wallet team, resulting in the creation of the Emmy wallet. 

The Emmy wallet is equipped with functionalities that facilitate efficient management of NFT collections and enable straightforward integration with the Magic Eden marketplace for trading. For security, the wallet incorporates various protocols like detailed audits and transaction scanning processes aimed at enhancing the safety and security of its users.

The Emmy wallet also offers an array of features, such as in-app swaps, bridging, and top-ups. Moreover, it accommodates native Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, streamlining the management of rare sats and facilitating the expansion of NFT collections.

Complementing these technical features, Magic Eden has initiated a ‘Month of Perks’ campaign, focusing on rewarding early adopters and new users with unique perks, including exclusive access to Open Editions, partnership boosts, and specialized airdrops, all of which aim to improve the user experience.

The beta version of the Magic Eden wallet was initially launched in November 2023. Its collaboration with Exodus emphasizes user control over digital assets and aims to enhance user experience with features like instant cross-chain swaps and direct NFT trading.

In addition to these offerings, Magic Eden has launched an incentivization program for its early adopters featuring time-limited in-wallet mints from renowned NFT projects like Claynosaurz, Degenerate Ape Academy, and BoDoggos, available throughout the month of February. 

This initiative is part of a broader effort by Magic Eden, marking the commencement of the program with a Retroactive Diamond Drop on Feb. 2. The drop acknowledges and rewards activities dating back to the marketplace’s founding in 2021 in a bid to demonstrate Magic Eden’s commitment to its long-standing users.

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