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Last Christmas’ $100 in Bitcoin and Ethereum is now significantly higher


If you decided to invest $100 in each BTC and ETH last Christmas, how much would they be worth today?

As the market is seemingly out of a prolonged crypto winter that began in early 2022, on Christmas day, we’re witnessing a significant contrast in the value of major cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), compared to the previous year’s values.

If an investor had the foresight to invest or gift someone $100 worth in Bitcoin and Ethereum last Christmas, they would be reaping some handsome profits.

Let’s delve into the numbers. On Christmas Day in 2022, Bitcoin was valued at approximately $16,900. Fast forward to today, it stands at around $43,500. This substantial growth means that a $100 investment in Bitcoin a year ago would now be worth approximately $257.4, representing a 157.4% increase.

Ethereum has shown a similar performance. It has soared from around $1,200 on Christmas Day 2022 to about $2,290 today. Consequently, a $100 investment in Ethereum last Christmas would now amount to approximately $190.83, marking a 90.8% increase.

Heading into 2024, the market is beaming with positivity, as the hype of Bitcoin ETFs and halving is poised to bring the market back to its all-time highs. Analysts are hoping for this bull market to stretch beyond next Christmas, but it will depend on which side of the scale market sentiment goes in the new year.

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