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Kelexo attracts Chainlink and Ethereum investors as crypto surge


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Chainlink (LINK) and Ethereum (ETH) are firm. Already, LINK is up 48% as ETH gains attention. Kelexo (KLXO), a new platform, has attracted over 5,000 registrations, aiming to simplify finance. 

Chainlink whales accumulating

LINK is up 48% from Jan. 25, propelling the coin up the market cap ranking, flipping Dogecoin (DOGE).

Recent data from on-chain activities shows that whales have purchased $83.6 million worth of LINK in the last five days. 

Moreover, more LINK continue to move from exchanges. 

Ethereum price prediction

Ethereum’s co-founder, Jeffrey Wilcke, recently transferred 4,300 ETH worth $10.7 million to Kraken. 

This has sparked speculation regarding a possible price correction, but some technical analysts remain optimistic about Ethereum’s potential.

Despite temporary fluctuations, ETH may break higher towards $3,400.

Kelexo to reshape finance

Kelexo has attracted investors from the LINK and ETH communities. 

Its web3 model does not require KYC verification, making transactions more seamless. 

With 5,000 registrations within days of launching, Kelexo aims to address industry challenges through transparent smart contracts, revenue sharing, and decentralization. 

So far, KLXO is available for $0.022.

Kelexo offers a global transaction debit card, governance rights, and profit-sharing mechanisms. 

The success of Kelexo’s presale and user growth suggests it could become a pivotal player in defi. 

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