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IPX Pioneers IP-NFT Fusion with Weekly ‘WADESIDE’ Drops


Evolving from LINE FRIENDS, IPX unveils WADESIDE, a pioneering PFP NFT project by its digital artist WADE, featuring 13,333 unique pieces within its first-ever Initial NFT Offering (INO).

Underscoring WADE’s artistic process in collaboration with blockchain leader CRIPCO, this Ethereum NFT initiative is set for release in a series of weekly bucket auctions throughout the year.

Notably, the project first commenced its pre-sale through a private auction from February 22 to 27, with 1,916 NFTs quickly snapped up, including by leading Web3 names like Animoca Brands, Azuki, Sappy Seals, Phaver, and Mocaverse.

Now, it is set to open public weekly auctions with the remaining NFTs — except for some NFTs that have been airdropped to existing WADE membership NFT ‘WADE F&F’ holders — throughout the next 43 weeks starting February 28, thus widening participation within its already thriving ecosystem.


IPX and WADE’s Voyage

WADESIDE follows the heels of the IPX and WADE’s successful ‘WADE F&F’ NFT membership program, strengthening connections with NFT holders via direct engagement and WADE’s digital creativity since September 2022.

Regardless of market fluctuations, the value of the program’s membership-only digital collectibles experienced a 240-fold increase from its initial price by January. Such impressive growth emphasizes the impact of IPX’s commitment to promoting genuine IP business activities in the stability of NFT values — even amidst the crypto winter.

“IPX’s NFT business is not merely a means to generate instant profits, but an integral part of our IP business aimed at sustainable growth of IPs. That is why we want to extend the WADE IP, which has been building influence by communicating with fans in the music, fashion, and art scene, to the Web 3 as NFTs.” said an IPX official.

“WADESIDE is a unique project that benefits fans who recognize the value of WADE as an artist. We anticipated it to be a project where the IP and fans grow together.”

WADE’s Creative Prowess 

WADE’s influence impressively extends into significant collaborations with high-end fashion brands such as PEACEMINUSONE, SAINT MXXXXXX, Valentino, and more.

As a digital artist, his involvement is further emphasized by exclusive events for WADE F&F holders and as the inaugural virtual artist in the ‘O! Leica 2022’s photo exhibition. Impressively, he was also the digital ambassador for Sneakers Unboxed Seoul.

Additionally, he has plans in the pipeline to release digital music, engage in cultural and arts festivals, and continue brand partnerships, starting with the AIRLESS GEN1 campaign with Wilson, the official NBA ball manufacturer.

With his innovative approaches and the backing of a vibrant community, his WADESIDE project alongside IPX sets a new benchmark, promising an exciting future for both NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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