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Ethereum Insider Claps Back: Threatens To Expose Criminals Of An Unprecedented Magnitude


Ethereum Insider Steven Nerayoff has threatened to release more evidence on the alleged irregularities involving the network. His comment suggests that this evidence could have far-reaching consequences as it will expose “criminals on a magnitude that is unprecedented.”

Nerayoff Promises To Expose Criminals Posed As Altruists

Nerayoff stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post that he was soon going to unveil “data” that unmasks certain criminals that are currently posing as “altruists.” He noted that he had made good on his earlier promise of the recording. As such, the crypto community can also be certain that he will make good on this one, too. 

It is uncertain who these “altruists” might be. However, Nerayoff could be alluding to Ethereum founders Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin, as he had earlier remarked that the duo were “carefully crafted” as “crypto saviors.” Meanwhile, Nerayoff, who was an active participant during Ethereum’s ICO, made further claims against the ETH ecosystem. 

A “few players” are allegedly said to control the vast majority of Ether. The Ethereum insider alleged that these same persons have significant control of other cryptocurrencies, including the “majority of rug pulls, fraudulent ICOs and exploits.” Nerayoff also hinted that everything might not be as it seems as he says that “the whole game is rigged and controlled by these few.”

A former Ethereum core developer, Lane Rettig, had previously backed some of Nerayoff’s claims as he said that 70% of pre-mined ETH was immediately distributed. Then, Rettig seemed to be suggesting that a majority of the distributed ETH went to Etthereum’s founders or those closely associated with them. 

Meanwhile, Nerayoff highlighted the fact that none of Ethereum’s founders or close associates have come out to refute his allegations. He suggested that they have chosen to remain silent because everything he has said so far is true. 

Ethereum price chart from Tradingview.com

ETH price falls to $2,200 | Source: ETHUSD on Tradingview.com

Nerayoff Comes For Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

The Ethereum insider wasn’t done as he took a swipe at co-founder Vitalik Buterin. He labeled him as a “false altruist” and accused him of putting up a facade. Nerayoff also said that Buterin makes a lot of calculated financial decisions for someone who says he doesn’t care about the money. 

His comments about Buterin also suggest that the Ethereum co-founder might be one of the criminals that he was referring to in his earlier remarks. Nerayoff even went as far as alleging that Vitalik controls the market. 

One of Nerayoff’s boldest claims to date came in a subsequent post where he accused Vitalik of blowing “half the Ethereum ICO proceeds betting it all on the price of BTC.” The Ethereum co-founder went on to beg the Chinese government after this was done, Nerayoff claimed. 

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