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Ethereum falls as Cosmos rises; Arweave and InQubeta lead altcoin rally


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Ethereum’s recent dip to $2.2k has caused a downturn in its ecosystem. Cosmos, on the other hand, has demonstrated resilience and innovation, attracting investors. Amidst this, Arweave and InQubeta (QUBE) have emerged as front-runners, leading the altcoin rally.

InQubeta, a new defi project, has raised over $7.6 million in its presale. It aims to pioneer a seamless investment process using QUBE and an NFT marketplace. Arweave, another altcoin, is also gaining traction.

This article explores Ethereum’s decline and the factors propelling Arweave and InQubeta’s success. 

InQubeta is driving crypto crowdfunding 

InQubeta enables fractional investment in AI startups using QUBE. 

It aims to establish an open and fair investment ecosystem. 

This goal supports the development and success of AI technology startups.

InQubeta, through its deflationary ERC-20 token, QUBE, can provide an opportunity for investors seeking diversified portfolios. 

The token’s deflationary nature, with 2% of buy and sell taxes directed to a burning wallet and 5% of sell taxes contributing to a reward pool, can also draw users seeking staking rewards.

InQubeta has an NFT marketplace, facilitating investment in AI technology startups. By listing investment NFTs on the platform, startups can access a wider audience and gain guidance from experienced industry professionals.

To ensure market stability and sustainability, InQubeta implements a 12-week vesting period for QUBE. 

This controlled release of new tokens prioritizes trust and confidence among investors, maintaining QUBE prices and reinforcing InQubeta’s position among altcoins.

Cosmos is resilient

Cosmos is competing with Ethereum. 

Despite a bearish market, ATOM is up 25%, reaching a yearly high of $25.

Traders expect ATOM to break above $12.9 if buyers keep the price above $11, a crucial support level.

Ethereum is navigating setbacks

Ethereum plays a crucial role in decentralized finance.

On Dec. 27, ETH fell to $2.2k as the markets contracted. 

Experts attribute the ETH downturn to increased investor caution ahead of significant economic events, such as the customer price listing (CPI) and the Federal Reserve’s last meeting of 2023.

Arewave innovating in decentralized data storage

Arewave addresses the challenge of storing data over time by offering a secure method to store information on the blockchain permanently.

The Permaweb, a collaborative and distributed web framework, powers Arweave’s innovation. 

Unlike traditional models, investors can actively participate and benefit from the AR ecosystem. 

This collaboration ensures robust data storage, positioning Arweave as a safe space for users.


As ETH cools off, Cosmos continues to gain attention. Meanwhile, Arweave and InQubeta are gaining prominence because of their innovation. 

InQubeta’s focus on a fair investment ecosystem highlights its dedication to the growth of AI technology startups. In the ongoing presale, investors can buy QUBE using ETH, Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, and other coins supported.

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