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Ethereum and Binance Coin investors flock to DeeStream


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Streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow people to communicate in real time with content creators. Meanwhile, platforms like Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) offer better security and more control over finances. DeeStream (DST) combines the best of these worlds by merging streaming and blockchain technology.

DeeStream and DST’s growth potential

DeeStream is a new streaming platform that uses blockchain technology. A community of users runs it, and the DST token helps shape its policies. 

The platform has attracted investments from ETH and BNB holders because of its unique approach. 

They have invested heavily in the platform’s presale.

ETH and BNB holders are confident of DST’s growth potential, believing the token could outperform in the coming months. 

Currently, DST is trading for $0.035 in stage 1 of the presale

The value proposition

Streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch enforce restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. At the same time, Ethereum and BNB can be expensive to invest in. 

However, DeeStream is a new platform that aims to solve these issues by providing greater control and desirable rewards. 

As blockchain and web3 technologies evolve, DeeStream may play a central role in areas.

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