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Crypto insiders shift focus from Ethereum Classic and Filecoin to BorroeFinance


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Ethereum Classic (ETC) faced challenges on social media, impacting investor sentiment. In contrast, Filecoin (FIL) garnered attention with a recent community event. Investors are shifting focus to BorroeFinance (ROE), recognizing its intent to reshape web3 fundraising. 

ETC executive responds to X suspension

The official Ethereum Classic X account, @eth-classic, was recently suspended. 

In response, Ethereum Classic‘s executive director, Bob Summerville, stated that no clear reason was provided. He speculated it may have been an erroneous automated action.

Due to the temporary loss of its social media presence, ETC saw muted price gains in November 2023.

On Nov. 6, ETC was trading at $18.47, rising to $20.23 by Dec. 6.

As a fork of Ethereum, analysts suggest ETC could see further gains should the speculated SEC approval of an Ethereum ETF materialize in Q1 2024. 

BorroeFinance presale ongoing

BorroeFinance is a decentralized AI-based fundraising marketplace that utilizes invoice discounting NFTs to transform how web3 businesses raise capital. 

The platform allows businesses to tokenize their future income streams, including subscriptions, invoices, and royalties, into NFTs and sell them at discounted prices. 

This approach enables businesses to access early-stage funding while also allowing investors to earn passive income from the underlying assets.

BorroeFinance has raised over $1.8 million in the ongoing presale.

Presently, ROE is available for $0.0175 but will list at $0.040 once the presale ends in 2024. 

Filecoin Web Carnival Night held in Istanbul

On Nov. 15, The Future of Filecoin in Web3 Carnival Night took place at the Swissotel in Istanbul, Turkey, drawing attendance from prominent crypto experts and DeFi companies, including Filecoin Foundation’s Clara Tsao and Protocol Labs’ Colin Evra.

In related developments, SINSO recently constructed web3 middleware for Filecoin’s ecosystem. Experts believe this infrastructure will contribute to Filecoin’s data governance objectives.

Throughout November, FIL was bullish, starting at $4.32 on Nov. 6 and reaching $4.70 by Dec. 6, marking an 8.26% gain. 

However, analysts are pessimistic about FIL’s prospects, citing declining investor interest. 

They expect the coin to trade at $5.90 by 2024.

Learn more about BorroeFinance here:

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