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Blockchain Association addresses Senator Elizabeth Warren’s crypto hiring concerns


The Blockchain Association extends an olive branch to Senator Elizabeth Warren, inviting collaboration on crypto-related concerns raised in her recent letter.

The Blockchain Association, a prominent nonprofit supporting the digital asset economy, has issued a measured response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s concerns about government hires in the crypto industry. CEO Kristin Smith extended an open invitation to collaborate, addressing Warren’s Dec. 18 letter.

In that correspondence, Warren expressed apprehensions that state officials might leverage their roles for future positions in the crypto sector, pointing to reports of ex-defense and law enforcement personnel hindering digital asset regulation.

Smith affirmed the Blockchain Association’s commitment to transparency, acknowledging its former military and intelligence professionals on the roster. Smith emphasized their attraction to the crypto industry due to its alignment with values like freedom and creativity.

“We believe crypto values are American values. Blockchain technology has demonstrated the potential to enhance financial inclusion […] and provide new wealth-building opportunities outside of Wall Street.”

Kristin Smith

Coin Center CEO Jerry Brito criticized Warren’s letter as a “bullying publicity stunt,” questioning the demand for transparency while implying nonprofits should be exempt from government scrutiny. Warren, a vocal critic of digital assets, has advocated for measures addressing illicit uses, prompting exchanges like Coinbase to refute allegations of employing former government officials to impede regulatory progress.

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