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Watch: I Talk to Yahoo Finance About The Metaverse Comeback of 2024 Led By Fortnite & Roblox


Segment starts at around 1:35:20!

Woke up at 6:15am today to talk with the fine folks on the Yahoo Finance broadcast, chatting about how the Metaverse is poised for a comeback in 2014. Inevitably the topic was framed around generative AI, though as I try to explain on the segment, we're still not clear how much gen AI will scale — but seeing how it's actually used by hundreds of millions of metaverse platform users should help clarify that question.

Yahoo Finance article, video, and transcript here

Here's some New World Nots posts on generative AI in the Metaverse for supplemental reading:

Also talked about the importance of metaverse platform Rec Room being a partner with Apple for Vision Pro. Plus here's some Q&A notes I sent to Yahoo Finance's producer to prep for the show:  

Wagner James Au Yahoo Finance Metaverse

Where do we stand with the metaverse? Is it making a comeback?
The Metaverse never went away, it's just that the marketplace and media focused way too much on Meta, which has never been a leading player in the space. In 2024 we should expect to see the market focus much more on companies which actually lead metaverse development — particularly Roblox, which now has upwards of over 300 million monthly active users, and Epic's Fortnite, which continues expanding its features and user growth in the wake of Epic's successful lawsuit against Google.
For next year, I'd point to Epic's win against Google as encouraging greater expansion of metaverse platforms into mobile in 2024, and the launch of several new metaverse platforms including Everywhere, from developers of the huge Grand Theft Auto franchise. The total market for metaverse platforms is conservatively 600 million users now and should get close to 1 billion by next year. 


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