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Shiba Inu Exploits DN-404 Standard for Latest NFT Endeavour


Shibu Inu SHEboshis NFTs

Shiba Inu has launched its latest NFT endeavor, SHEboshis, presenting an exciting opportunity for both Shib fans and the broader blockchain community.

Harnessing the power of the DN-404 standard, SHEboshis masterfully combine the strengths of ERC-20 and ERC-721, weaving together the worlds of fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Such a pioneering approach opens up unprecedented avenues for possession and trading, enriching the landscape with enhanced liquidity and potential for fractional ownership.

Shibu Inu SHEboshis NFTs

Unlocking SHEboshi NFTs

Launched yesterday, Shiboshi owners who verify their loyalty now have just over 30 hours to claim a complimentary SHEboshi NFT via https://marketplace.shib.io. Though, gas fees are applicable (and non-returnable).

Once the claim period concludes, holders of the Shiba Inu ‘Doge Killer’ token, ‘$LEASH’, will be granted exclusive 24-hour access to purchase any remaining assets.

If any SHEboshis are left, they will then become available for purchase by the general public.

Due to the experimental nature of the DN404  standard, minting will take place on the Ethereum network to utilize its significant liquidity.

After the minting period ends, each asset will be eligible for trading on Shibaswap (1.0) and Uniswap platforms.

A Milestone Collection 

The launch of these assets mark just the beginning of a grand vision to create a unified ecosystem that seamlessly integrates Shiboshis with SHEboshis, opening up a wide array of fresh opportunities.

Offering the community a chance to be part of a significant milestone, the project surpasses a simple product introduction while highlighting the limitless potential and novel opportunities within the NFT space.

Members of the Shib Army are currently called upon to engage in this innovative journey and play a role in its evolving narrative. 

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