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NFT Buyers Almost Double, Market Volume Spikes by 25%


As the crypto market revives, so does the NFT sector. This week, the number of NFT purchases has nearly doubled, showcasing a robust upward momentum.

CryptoSlam reported a notable 43% increase in the number of investors buying NFTs by the end of February, with the total of NFT enthusiasts now amounting to 861,918.

Such a surge in interest is part of a broader uplift, whereby the NFT market’s volume has spiked by approximately 25% this week alone, surpassing $381 million. 

February, as a whole, has been an extremely favorable time for the industry: 30-day trading volume highlights NFT purchasers amplifying by a tremendous 964% and sellers growing by 734%.

nft market revival
Source: CryptoSlam

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A Glance at Top Performers 

In terms of 7-day volume in the NFT blockchain world, Ethereum leads the charge, with its NFT sales hitting $148 million, marking a 2.20% rise. The network is supported by a vibrant community of 99,681 buyers, which has expanded by 28%.

Close on its heels, Bitcoin has witnessed its NFT transactions nearly soar to $134 million during the same span, experiencing a remarkable 92% surge. It now boasts a growing network of 47,922 participants, indicating a 46% spike. 

Solana also makes a significant contribution to the land of NFTs, with its 7-day NFT sales closely hitting $59 million, a 19% leap. Impressively, this network leads with the highest number of NFT buyers at 314,955 — a 61% rise from its earlier count.

The ‘Uncategorized Ordinals’ Bitcoin NFT collection currently tops the market with a 24-hour sales volume of $11,530,072, up by 233%.

Also casting a light on the booming NFT realm is Bitcoin’s ‘NodeMonkes’. It is currently the second-highest trending collection, boasting a daily sales volume of $10,723,233, soaring by a whopping 204%. 

Collectively, each of these CryptoSlam figures underscores a vigorous revival of interest and investment in the NFT world. Bring on the bull run. 

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