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Heavy metal band Megadeth launches generative NFT collection


Heavy metal band Megadeth took to X on Dec. 5 to announce the introduction of its 5,000-piece generative collection featuring the band’s mascot, Vic Rattlehead. 

This initiative transforms beyond a traditional fan club, emerging as a community owned by the fans.

As part of the announcement, the band shares that the collection, MegadethDigital, brought to life by artist TheHaddy, is set to go live on Dec. 22. The collection will offer participants access to exclusive merchandise and VIP experiences, including opportunities to acquire signed items and engage in one-on-one conversations with the band members.

The band is hardly the first to the NFT game where metal bands are concerned. Avenged Sevenfold was also reported to share support for the digital asset class in May of this year.

A resurgence of NFTs

The timing of the release may also be suitable for another reason, coinciding with a recent research report by Binance that highlighted the NFT market witnessed a notable upswing in November, signaling a reversal from its year-long decline, achieving a sales volume of $0.91 billion.

This surge indicates a remarkable 200% month-over-month increase, marking the highest growth in 2023.

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