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Ethereum NFT Card Game Parallel Evolves in Open Beta


The Ethereum-based NFT card game Parallel extends an open invitation to gaming enthusiasts across the globe, transitioning into its Open Beta phase today.

Having previously been accessible solely in Closed Beta, this Sci-Fi card game steps up its ranks by promising to engage a broader audience, opening its competitive PC-based title to the general public. 

With the introduction of five distinct factions, a new playable NFT card, exclusive cosmetics, and an array of additional rewards and adjustments, gamers can now choose their allegiance and craft a unique path to victory, blending skill, strategy, and creativity.

A Rebirth in Card Games 

Merging the classic charm of trading card games like ‘Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering’, Parallel introduces a distinct space-themed twist on Coinbase’s Layer-2 scaling network, Base

Celebrated for its innovative approach to the card game scene, Parallel has evolved through numerous extensive developments, which have led to the launch of its Open Beta debut: 

  • Baseline emissions have been raised by 15%
  • Production costs for ‘Echo’ cards have significantly decreased
  • The modifier for the highest rank has been enhanced
  • PRIME bonus for ‘Prismatic Key’ victories increased from 35% to 50%
  • Previous in-game bug issues have been fixed
  • Minimum standard specifications have been revised.

On top of experiencing a thrilling shift in the game’s dynamics, Parallel is notably introducing ‘Premium Battle Passes’, alongside ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Special Edition’ raffles to offer exclusive perks.

Additionally, gamers can brace themselves for a card adjustment involving the iconic ‘Master Thief Kozo’, with an intriguing new NFT card in the mix. 

While the opportunity to claim the Closed Beta Season 7 ‘Battle Pass’ card and cosmetic enhancements comes to a close on March 8, a new door opens.

Now, it’s time to step into a new realm of gaming greatness as Parallel’s Open Beta embarks on an intriguing, revamped journey.

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