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Community Input Powers NFT Customization on Universal Page


The Rise of Universal Page

Universal Page, on the LUKSO blockchain, pioneers ‘NFT 2.0’ standards (LSP7 and LSP8), with features like on-chain data storage and flexible creator royalties setting new NFT industry benchmarks.

Fostering unique branding and entrepreneurial prospects, the marketplace reimagines digital ownership with a gasless transaction model, enhancing accessibility and allowing users to create personalized NFT storefronts through web pages linked to their ‘Universal Profiles’.

The platform transcends the traditional marketplace role, acting as a hub for identity and creativity with a diverse collection of NFTs from some of Web3’s most cherished digital artists, including Karl Lagerfeld and RTFKT, notably known for its collaborations with Nike in the blockchain realm.

By acting fast on community feedback and continually enhancing its features, Universal Page is rapidly establishing itself as a pioneering force in the digital innovation space, setting the stage for a dynamic future in NFTs and CryptoArt.

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